The LeEco Le 1s and the LeEco Le 1s Eco are now officially getting the Marshmallow based eUI 5.8.017s update and this is an offline update so you won’t be receiving the update through OTA. You’ll have to manually update your phone and we have a guide for the same, which you can check in the link given below.

As for what is changed in the UI and the OS, check the change log to know what’s coming in the Marshmallow update on LeEco Le 1s and Eco variant of it.

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Le 1s and Le 1s Eco eUI 5.8.017s Marshmallow Update Change Log

  • In the Mail app, added a Cloud Attachment Which Allow Up To 2GB Single File and 50GB in Single Mail
  • In the Calendar app, added a Task Event
  • In the Gallery app, added a Mosaic Effect in Photo Editor, Added Hide Album Feature
  • Added Very Large Font in the system settings.
  • Added Fingerprint App Lock feature in the Security settings.
  • In the Phone Manager app: Added App Battery Usage Alert, Added App Warehouse, and Added access to App lock and Privacy Lock
  • Added Fast Transfer
  • Added Dual Clock widget
  • Added Hide Message Feature in messaging app
  • Added Dolby Atmos Setting
  • Added Separate Ringtone setting for each SIM.
  • Added Privacy Lock
  • Added Three Finger Screenshot
  • Added Rich Text Edit Function in Note app
  • Optimized System Energy Consumption
  • Added One Touch Restoration
  • Added Do Not Disturb
  • Added Separate Ringtone setting for each SIM
  • Optimised Cloud Sync Function and Data Usage Control in Le Cloud
  • Added SMS, Notification Tone Customization
  • Added Vibration Alert When Silent Mode Turned On

System changes in EUI 5.8.017s update

  • Added Very Large Font
  • Added Android Dynamic Permission Management
  • Added Battery Consumption Curve View
  • Added Battery Temperature Indicator
  • Updated Google Security Patch to 1st June
  • Optimized APP start up speed.
  • Optimised System Energy Consumption.
  • Optimised continuity when switching between apps.
  • Added access to settings for some Apps.
  • Added Small Font option.

Changes in Phone Manager App

  • Added App Battery Usage Alert
  • Added App Warehouse
  • Added Excess Trash Alert
  • Added App WIFI Connection Control
  • Added access to App lock and Privacy Lock

LeEco le 1s EUI 5.8.017S Marshmallow Update

Changes in Contact, Call App

  • Added Favorites Contact
  • Added Merge Same Contact in Different Account
  • Added Call Widget
  • Optimised Call log loading speed.
  • Optimised Call log and Dialer number string display to local customs.

Email App changes in EUI 5.8.017s update

  • Optimized Mail Loading Speed
  • Changed Mail Sent Notification to Sending Progress Bar
  • Added Cloud Attachment Which Allow Up To 2GB Single File and 50GB in Single Mail
  • Added New Mail Homepage
  • Optimised homepage loading speed.
  • Optimised interaction when quitting mail editing.
  • Added Cloud Attachments detail page

Changes in Gallery App in EUI 5.8.017s update

  • Optimized UI Visual Effect.
  • Added New Photo Display Page, Categorize Photo by Time and Location
  • Added Recycle Bin
  • Added Mosaic Effect in Photo Editor.
  • Optimized ‘Long Press’ interaction in Album page
  • Optimised Gallery performance.
  • Added Hide Album Feature
  • Added Watermark Feature
  • Added Album Whitelist and Blacklist backstage management.

Changes in Messaging App in EUI 5.8.017s update

  • Added Message Delivered Alert
  • Optimized message list loading speed
  • Added Private message feature
  • Added ‘The number of forwarding message’ Switch
  • Added default message sending SIM option

Launcher changes in EUI 5.8.017s update

  • Optimized Folder Background Color that will Change According to Wallpaper Colour.
  • Added Desktop Order Re-arranged
  • Added Pinch Gesture to enter Desktop Management


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