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Jio apps for unlimited data

How to Activate 90-day Free 4G Data and calls on Jio 4G SIM (Preview Offer)

Ever since the trick for getting the free Jio 4G SIM with any Android phone has become public, there are many users who have used it to get the SIM card from Reliance Digital stores. This was well expected and Reliance isn’t getting strict about this because these users could later become long-term customers for the service provider.

Now that the SIM is here, you might be able to activate it when you get the confirmation message on your alternate number. Calling 1977 and verifying your proofs would help activate the SIM. But then, once the SIM is active, you might be quite surprised by seeing the limited 2GB data available to use.

Reliance Jio 4G Preview OfferNow, here’s a catch. As soon as you get the Jio 4G SIM, the unlimited access won’t get activated automatically. There are a few things you need to do here as well, just like how you did to get the SIM card. Here’s what you need to do, and again, it might not work for a few and you will have to check the other steps mentioned below if it didn’t.

First thing, you need to install four apps from the Google Play Store.

  • JioPlay
  • Jio OnDemand
  • JioBeats
  • JioMoney

Now, once these apps are installed, you need to open the My Jio app, where you would be able to activate the unlimited data access by tapping on the “Avail offer” option. Remember that while tapping this, you need to be connected to the 4G network and not on Wi-Fi.

It should activate the Unlimited 90-day offer and there will be a confirmation message sent as well.

This method didn’t help me activate the unlimited access offer, what should I do?

One of the common reasons for this to not work is with the cache issue on the My Jio app. If you have downloaded the above apps, go to App Settings in the phone and select “My Jio” and clear cache of the app.

Once you are done with it, go back to the My Jio app and now, tap on the Avail Offer option that is showing up on the top. It should work now and give you the 90-day unlimited access to the services.

Still no luck? Escalate the problem!

If both the things didn’t work for you, the last option is by escalating the issue and letting the Jio customer care know about it. You don’t have to call them for this, as the JioCare app is good enough for the resolution.

Jio apps for unlimited data

There is a Live Chat option given there, which is the easiest way to get your problem solved. Here, you just need to tell the customer care executive that you did the necessary steps but the offer isn’t getting activated. They won’t ask you much, and in a few minutes, you will receive the confirmation for the same and your Preview Offer will be activated.

Even though calling the customer care helps, you might be asked with the verification and such, and the Live chat option is much easier and quicker in getting things done and getting the Preview offer activated on your 4G SIM to get the benefits for 90 days.

What are the benefits I would get in the Jio 4G Preview Offer?

It includes 90 days of free Jio 4G data connectivity with unlimited download, 90 days of free unlimited Voice and Video calling, and 90 days of unlimited SMS.

Getting a Jio 4G SIM with Redmi Note 3 was the first thing that got noticed, but then it was a glitch that worked on most of the Android smartphones, even though Reliance has partnered only with Samsung for now, to offer the Preview Offer for a few selected smartphones.

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Comments 9
  1. Only 2 gb data…..redmi 2 prime………how to avail unlimited???? ………plz help me out……..

    1. Pukhraj khatik kya tumhra jio sim abhitak active hua hai? ?Dear Customer, Due to overwhelming response to our Jio Preview Offer, there may be some delays in activating your connection. We will inform you via SMS once your JIO number 7001085723 is ready for televerification. Thank you, Team Jio. ai problem solve hua hai

  2. hello sir, avial offer is not showing up in my phone. i have one plus 3..i followed all your steps but no luck..
    please help me how to get the unlimited offer..

  3. Dear Customer, Due to overwhelming response to our Jio Preview Offer, there may be some delays in activating your connection. We will inform you via SMS once your JIO number 7015290698 is ready for televerification. Thank you, Team Jio. But do not networt my jio sim

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