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How to Clear Cache and Browsing History on Safari Browser

Cache is static content that the browser decides to retain and store even after exiting the website. This includes HTML files, CSS design files, Javascript files, Images, and sometimes even videos. This content is stored so that the bandwidth consumption is reduced and the load speed is increased. When a website is opened for the first time the browser caches some of the static content, and the next time the website is opened, the browser only downloads the new content or the content that had not been cached before. This way the browser takes the load off the server and loads content that was already stored on the hard drive of the user.

One of my friend who had recently purchased a brand new Macbook Air, was new to the operating system and was still figuring his way through various things. He was browsing through our website and all the content appear damaged and displaced, he immediately called me up and asked if everything is fine with the website or if it has been hacked, I checked the website and everything was fine on my end. Then i suggested him to clear the Cache, being new to MacOS and Safari browser I had to give a step-by-step tutorial for the same and the problem was finally sorted.

This is not always advantageous, for some websites that display dynamic content, the browser might not update the website even when the website is reloaded, as the browser tends to look for the content in the cache and load it from there. This is also the reason why it takes time for your Facebook profile picture to get updated across all the devices. Also sometimes, the cache gets corrupted and this leads to badly formatted websites or displaced content. Also, every time you’ve had a problem with the internet connection, you must have been told to clear the cache of your browser first. Although it is possible to limit the amount of data that is cached, it is recommended to occasionally clear the cache to keep the problems away and the device running fast.

Steps to clear Cache for Safari

Newer versions of Safari:

From Safari menu select Clear history and website data, and then select the desired time range and click on Clear history and then Go to Safari > Quit Safari or press Command + Q to exit the browser completely.

Safari Dropdown

Safari Clear History

Safari 7 and below:

Open Safari and from the menu select Reset Safari, select the items you want to reset and click reset and then go Safari > Quit Safari or Command + Q  to quit safely.

Re-open the browser to have the cache cleared successfully.

Clear Cache on Safari for iOS

Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad and Scroll down to tap on Safari. Now scroll down all the way to the bottom and then tap on Advanced. Tap on the Website Data option. Here you can see how much space on your iPhone or iPad website data is taking up. Now again scroll down to the bottom and then tap on Remove All Website Data and finally confirm one more time you’d like to delete all data. Restart the browser for the settings to be applied.

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