When it comes to selecting headphones, we generally do not care much about the audio frequencies as all we need is a Headphone with clear sound and decent bass.  While for adults it may not be much of a concern but for the kids,  it definitely matters a lot. According to American Academy of Pediatrics, 85 dB should be the maximum audio frequency limit for the children below 12 years.

Kids have more sensitive eardrum as compared to adults. Wrong headphones may cause injury to their eardrum which may also lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss or may also cause various neurological  injuries. Hence, it is important to choose the right headphones for children. Here are few tips which will help you to buy the right headphones for kids:


Headphones come in many different types such as over-the-ear, ear cups, in the ear (ear plugs) etc. It is recommended by the doctors to prefer the headphones with ear cup or cushions. Over-the-ear or in-the-ear type of headphones may increase the chances of ear infection and may also cause stress on the ear drums. These type of headphones may also cause discomfort to the ear muscles and hence they should be avoided.


Always make sure that the headphone you are buying is comfortable on ears. Always prefer headphones with soft sponge coating around the headband with a sponge cushion around the ear piece.  Avoid headphones with hard fabric coating or plastic headbands as they may cause discomfort on ears and also around the head if used for longer duration. Also, the headphones should be easily adjustable. There are headphones available in the market which have a swivel design and allows you to rotate the earpiece according to your comfort.

headphones with cushions


The body of the headphones should be sturdy. Don’t prefer headphones with low-quality material or thin body.  Make sure that the wire of the headphones isn’t too weak or thin. Prefer the lightweight headphones as they will add more comfort.

Audio Frequency/Sound Range

As mentioned above, it is advisable to select the headphones with the range below 85 decibels. Although, for an adult, 85dB may sound bit low but for the young kids, 85dB is maximum their eardrums can tolerate without any strain. Almost all of the online shopping websites mention the technical details on their sites. Hence, make sure you check all the frequency details of that headphone.

Safety Controls

Safety controls is an important part of Headphones. It is advised to buy headphones with safety controls such as frequency control, bass control etc. Sometimes, the audio may sound louder than the default range and hence it is necessary to control the frequency in order to keep the sound range below under the safety limit.

Check Reviews

Always try to read online reviews for the product you are buying as it will specifically help you a lot in selecting the best one for yourself. If a headphone is specifically designed for kids, you will find reviews by other parents which will definitely help you in deciding whether you should buy or not.


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