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Top 5 tips to make the most out of Siri on macOS Sierra

Siri is a digital personal assistant that was first introduced in the iPhone 4S on iOS. It is an extremely intelligent personal assistant that is now also available on Apple’s macOS Sierra. As mentioned, Siri works both as a feature on iOS and in its original version as well on macOS Sierra and it brings a lot of new possibilities to Macs along with it.

While installing macOS Sierra on your Mac, you will get an alert asking whether you want to activate Siri or keep it disabled for the time being. But Siri being such a useful addition of macOS is something that you should absolutely try. You can later disable it if you want to from the System Preferences.Siri can drastically change the way you get work done on your macOS Sierra. This post is about the best tips that you can know in order to use Siri on macOS Sierra effectively.

Launching Siri using using Keyboard

Siri can be accessed directly from the Dock or even from the Launchpad. But did you know that you can actually launch Siri using just your keyboard? You can easily hold and long press the Space and Command key. This will trigger Siri and you can use it easily. Convenient, right?

Search Documents in a better way

If you are in search of a specific file on your Mac, then you can trigger Siri and ask for the specific file by a voice note saying “find documents”. You may further go ahead and specify more details like title, dates etc. in order to get effective results. You will be surprised to see how well this works.

Pin your relevant searches

You can also pin your results of searches in Siri in your currents view app/today view to get notification alert on weather, sport schedules and so on. You can add it on your screen by just clicking the “+” sign icon.

Search through your emails easily

Siri can also help you with finding your emails. Along with your files Siri can find items on your email and according to it find the sent mails. You can find any mail sent to you through Siri by the list of categories.

Search for images and use drag and drop to use them

You can also get images through by dragging and dropping. You can simply give command to Siri for example “find images from original iPhone on web” and then can drag and drop from there which appears on the email body. Its usage cost nothing.

These were some of the best 5 tips that you can use while using your Mac running macOS Sierra and take advantage of Siri while you’re at it. I have been using Siri ever since I updated to Sierra and she has proved herself to be very useful. You can even use Siri to set reminders, set timers and more.

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