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Numa Fitness Bands

Numa Sprint & X-Speed are Fitness tracker bands priced from Rs. 1750

Numafit is a little-known name in India, even for fitness enthusiasts. The company based in India, has a couple fitness tracking bands in its portfolio, and these are named Numa Sprint and Numa X-Speed, with quite a few differences to make it easier in choosing one among them. That is, only if you are looking at some alternatives to the currently available Mi Band, Yu Yufit, Goqii, or the higher-end ones like the Fitbit Charge.

The bands were showcased at the IGE 2015 event in Hyderabad, India, and the makers of these bands claim that it is more about personal goal setting and motivation, than online coaching from random coaches.

Numa Fitness Bands

While the Sprint is something similar to Mi Fit in terms of hardware, the X-Speed is something similar to Goqii, and we are talking about the display here. Let’s talk about both in detail.

Numa Sprint

Numa Fitness Band Sprint

Coming in Black and Floral variants having different bands, the Sprint has a sweatproof, water resistant and splash proof body, and the core can be removed from the band, in case you might want to replace the strap with a new one.

The battery in the Numa Sprint is said to last for about 15 days, and the connectivity with Android & iOS devices is through Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The band is said to take about 2 hours to get fully charged.

Numa X-Speed

Numa Fitness Band X-Speed

Having a similar functionality for counting the steps, the X-Speed differs with the external hardware, having a display screen that makes it easier for the user to check the live progress during the day. Similar to the Numa Sprint, this band has a sweatproof, water resistant and splash proof body.

Although the display usually becomes a culprit for quicker battery drain, Numafit claims that the X-Speed will have a good battery life, just a couple days lesser than what it is for Sprint.

Numafit App for Android & iOS

According to Numafit, you don’t really need a coach to motivate you daily, unless you are an extreme fitness enthusiast who won’t rely on a coach sitting online, but would want a personal coach in a gym. The app made by the company, they say, is good enough to give information about the number of steps walked, tracking sleep time and more.

Users can log the food they had, and calorie consumption and burning is calculated based on the daily food and walking activity, and one of the good features of the app is the social integration, where the users can have friends and set events to share them with friends, motivating each other on reaching goals.

Although there is no feature of Coaching given here, Numafit mentioned that they’ll be able to guide the users for a perfect fitness plan, on a set fee, if there is a need. The approach by the company is more about personal motivation for fitness than online guidance of diet maintenance.

The Numa Sprint band is available for Rs. 1750, and the Numa X-Speed is available for about Rs. 3700. We see the Sprint available on Amazon India, and both the bands will be soon available on the major online stores. Follow the India Gadget Expo 2015 page to know what were the best products showcased at the event.

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