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WhatsApp new status message

What is WhatsApp Status? – The new big feature!

WhatsApp has been slowly making changes to the app, but this new update will come down as one of the big ones that changes an area that was usually very much ignored or was quite limited with what the user could do. Either there were too many “Hey there, I’m using WhatsApp” statuses and even if people though to have something unique, WhatsApp didn’t allow to do that if the text was too long.

WhatsApp Status” is a feature that will allow the users to set their status in a far better way, and make them do it more than once a day with the addictive features it includes, just like how Snapchat does. Those who use Snapchat will be able to easily relate to this. These will be called Status updates, and what you can have as the Update is interesting.

What can you share in a WhatsApp status update? A short video, a picture, a GIF and all these can be edited with colourful texts and additions, just like how you see Instagram Stories.

Who can check the Status update? The entire contact list of yours can easily check your Status and what can be done to it is again similar to Instagram Stories. To make it social, WhatsApp will allow your contacts to comment on these updates, and these comments will be private. This means, if a contact of yours checks the Status and reacts to it, that will reach your chat box with that contact and it won’t be seen publicly.

How can you check other’s Status updates? There will be a separate tab between Calls and Chats and this tab will have your recent status and the recently uploaded updates from your contacts, so you can easily go through and comment if you wish to do so.

Are these updates permanently placed on your timeline? There is no timeline here, as the update status until you change it, or stays for a maximum of 24 hours. You don’t have a timeline to show all your recent updates. Also, if you delete an update from your phone, it won’t be visible to any of your contacts as well.

We are excited to announce that, coinciding with WhatsApp’s 8th birthday on February 24, we are reinventing the status feature. Starting today, we are rolling out an update to status, which allows you to share photos and videos with your friends and contacts on WhatsApp in an easy and secure way. Yes, even your status updates are end-to-end encrypted.

When is the feature rolling out? The update is said to have started rolling out and will slowly be sent in all the regions. And the WhatsApp Status feature will be available to all the three platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

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