Another leak by a prominent leaker Evleaks on Twitter has shown the upcoming Google Chromecast Ultra in full glory. After Android Police reported that the Chromecast Ultra, the new model that will support 4K streaming will cost $69, we are finally getting to see how the new dongle will look like.

The event from Google that is going to be held on 4th October will have two new Pixel smartphones, but Google isn’t limiting it to only the phones. It is said that the company will also be coming up with the Wi-Fi router that will do much more than Internet sharing and the name is touted to be Google Home. Apart from that, the Chromecast Ultra is what we are going to see.

4K streaming was a much needed feature even though the usage of 4K displays is not yet so much, but the less penetration doesn’t mean Google has to keep the feature away, and we might see the older Chromecast dongles still available if someone doesn’t want the upgraded hardware and they are happy with the Full HD playback support.

The design is not very different from the current $35 Chromecast second gen. model but the noticeable difference is the replacement of the Chromecast logo with the Google logo, which is an essence among all the devices leaked for the upcoming event. Also, because we heard only about the 4K support, it doesn’t mean Google will be having only that as the upgrade feature, but we’re sure about some more inclusions to the list of features in the Chromecast Ultra.

Stay tuned for October 4th when Google will hold the event for Pixel and Pixel XL launch, alongside the launch of these accessories.