Best Android Apps for Hotel Search and Booking

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual traveler or traveling for business meetings. When it comes to lodging, you always try to get the best hotel deal. Also, it may not be possible for you to carry your laptops every time, and hence, you sometimes depend on your smartphone for everything from researching to booking.

    The convenience with smartphone usage for hotel bookings is that if you have the app, you can directly show the hotel confirmation from the app, rather than carrying some printouts for the same. Though Android isn’t the only smartphone OS, this is the most commonly used one, thus is the list made below particularly for Android phones.

    Best Android apps for Hotel Booking

    Here we list the Best Android Apps that will help you in Searching and Booking Hotels on the go:

    Android App to book Hotels

    OYO Rooms

    OYO Rooms recently became famous due to its budget lodging options. They provide budget rooms with various facilities. If you book a Room using their app, they will offer you occasional discounts. There are some issues with OYO Rooms regarding hidden charges such as taxes etc. Make sure you contact the hotel before confirming your bookings.


    MakeMyTrip is one of the most popular traveling portals in India. Their App allows you to book Hotels and Flights on the go. Although they don’t offer heavy discounts, their service is pretty good. However, their user interface isn’t too good. The notification panel is not correctly optimized as it doesn’t show your Flight booking updates.


    Expedia provides you not only Hotel booking but also Flight and Car bookings. Their App has received 4/5 ratings on Playstore. You’ll also get Expedia+ reward points if you use their app for bookings. However, there are some technical issues with the App as the hotel charges listed in the catalogue isn’t accurate. It is advised to confirm the charges listed in the catalogue and during the checkout.


    Ibibo has a good reputation for providing best budget deals on Hotels. They have lots of occasional offers for their members, and their Android App has got a simple user interface that will allow you to do all your bookings on-the-go. However, their customer service isn’t too good. They take days to reply to your query or to issue refunds. Make sure you confirm your booking with the Hotel Management after booking your hotel on Ibibo.

    A Hotel Search and Booking service which is based outside the India. They have recently started providing their services for Indian customers. You can book Hotels and Resorts all over the world using their app. The app is user-friendly and has received 4.4/5 stars on Google Play store. However, they have different cancellation policies for different types of hotels, and they haven’t provided necessary details for some hotels in the catalogue.


    Cleartrip is one of the pioneers of Hotels, Flights and other traveling related bookings in India. They provide occasional discounts and offers and is one of the most trusted portals in India. They also provide special discounts when you do all the bookings through their app. Their App has got a very user-friendly interface and provides lot of information such as detailed notifications and more hotel suggestions based on your location provided.


    IXIGo provides Hotel and Flight booking services and also allows you to compare fares across other travel portals and services. They also provide cash back if you do bookings through their App. The app has got a clean user-interface and has received 4.2/5 stars on the Play store.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Apart from the above apps, there are some apps such as StayZilla, Trivago and, which provide Hotel search and book facility. StayZilla also lists affordable Guest Houses that could be great if you’re travelling on a tight budget.

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