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Boomerang Instagram

Boomerang app from Instagram helps share 1-second videos

Instagram can be found on every smartphone, whether it be a celebrity or a teenager, everyone is having Instagram on their smart phones. With the increasing popularity of Instagram, the Facebook-owned brand thought to give it’s users another fun app!

Instagram has launched a new application called Boomerang which helps the user to make short 1-second videos and share them on Instagram or Facebook. Boomerang takes burst of images and then stitches them together to make a 1-second long video. The app also plays the video backward and forward to give them a funny effect, similar to what a Boomerang does.

Boomerang Instagram

The app is really simple and doesn’t have any clutter in the UI. There are just 2 buttons, one to choose the camera and the other one to start recording the video. According to Instagram, Boomerang doesn’t makes GIFs, it makes videos but those videos don’t have sound making it almost a GIF.

Users can record the video and then they can share it on Instagram or Facebook. There are other platforms supported as well but it looks like the app is having some trouble to share the videos on Twitter. If someone is interested to use the app, then he doesn’t needs to worry about an Instagram account as this app can even work without it and in this case, the videos are stored in the device itself.

Boomerang is somewhat similar to Vines and you can even call it Vines for Facebook or Instagram but yes, this app adds a boomerang effect to the videos and that is what makes it different. If you are interested then you can give a try to it by downloading the app from here.

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