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WhatsApp Video Calling

Download WhatsApp 2.16.318 APK with Video Calling Feature

Finally, after being live for only Windows Phone users, the feature of Video calling on WhatsApp is live on WhatsApp for Android. Now you can do video calling on WhatsApp and that needs the WhatsApp 2.16.318 version of the app and that is tested and confirmed on Android while the Apple users might need to wait.

Interestingly, noticed that the current version, i.e. WhatsApp 2.16.316 users can still receive the video calls but if you want to do the calling from your side, you will have to install the beta version of latest WhatsApp app. Update: “We found out “Couldn’t place call. Your contact needs to update WhatsApp to receive video calls.”

WhatsApp Video Calling

Download WhatsApp 2.16.318 APK for Android

Download from this link. You can download with a trust of no harm because the app is tested before we uploaded it for sharing. Also, expect the call quality to not be exceptional already because of the rush the servers will see right now.


How to do video calling on WhatsApp?

It is easier than you would expect. The same button in the chat page that was for calling has to be tapped and it would then let you choose one of the two options – Voice call and Video call. Choose Video call and it will activate the camera and start the video call. Unlike how it is on Google Duo, you won’t be able to see the camera feed of the caller before taking the call.

Source: PhoneRadar

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