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Mirrativ is an Android screen live streaming app made by DeNA

DeNA Co., a Japanese mobile game and Internet company has taken live streaming on mobile to a different level, with the launch of a new live streaming app for Android. Named as Mirrativ, the app lets the user share the entire smartphone screen, irrespective of what is going on. Even if the user is browsing the web, or is deep into the settings, everything can be live streamed using Mirrativ.

Currently available only for Android, the app for iPhone is still in development. With the Mirrativ app, there is no need for any wired connection for the streaming to happen. The app is brainchild of Junichi Akagawa, producer at DeNA.


“With Mirrativ, we wanted to approach livestreaming in a unique, personal way to create a more streamlined experience for users. Even the name depicts the intimate sharing – or mirroring – of a user’s narrative which, in this case, is their experience on their smartphone or tablet,” “For example, a mobile gamer will be able to share tips and tricks for the latest releases with their followers. Users can also seek out personalized shopping advice while searching e-commerce sites. With any of these experiences, viewers will be able to interact with the broadcaster in real-time, sharing comments and stickers to create a conversation and shared experience.”

said Junichi Akagawa, producer at DeNA.

Live streaming using smartphones is something on the rise, with Periscope getting over 10 million accounts, and there are some alternatives already. But Mirrativ is something that doesn’t rely on the smartphone’s camera, and it also allows users to optionally add their voice or a picture-in-picture face camera video.

Some features are similar to Periscope, where users get followers, and they can get appreciation (not with hearts but stars) and real-time comments while the streaming is going on. The major difference is on how the users share their stream, as Mirrativ is mobile-only and users cannot notify about their stream on social media.

DeNA is going to have a 400-member team for customer support, and they will be monitoring the app to check for copyrighted content or indecent streaming, and fix any problems caused by the users. A user cannot save or archive any stream, and it goes off when the stream finishes.

Download is available only for Android devices currently, and the iOS app development for Mirrativ is going on.

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