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Best Ringtone Makers for iPhone

Best iPhone Ringtone Maker and Ringtone Converter Apps

Who doesn’t like the default iPhone ringtone? We’ve seen many iPhone users having the default ringtone as the one for the ring on their device. But then, there are several users who would also want to have something new as their ringtone and don’t want to use from the default list offered by iOS.

The app store itself has a lot of ringtone makers and converter apps that you can use to customize and get the ringtone that you want to hear. With some, you will have to work a bit to cut, manage and finally make a decent ringtone and some others are as smooth as a breeze. Check out the best iPhone apps in the list given below.

Best Ringtone Apps for iPhone

Ringtone Converter – Make Unlimited Free Ringtones, Text Tones

This app has all the collection of sounds that you want on your iPhone for all the different notifications tones such as ringtones, text tones, alerts & alarms. You can make free HD ringtones. You can also browse for the already made ringtones in this app.

Custom Ringtones (FREE) (iTunes Visual Guide)

This app uses your library’s music to make custom ringtones of your own. You can select an audio file on your own, edit it and use it as your ringtone. This is just an app which is made simple and easy to use.

Ringtone Maker Free – create ringtones with your music

This app is just the same as the above one. You can create your own ringtones by editing them according to your start and end points of the audio file that you selected. You can also add a special fade in and fade out effect to your ringtone. The UI of this app is minimalistic.

Ringtone Maker – Make free ringtones from your music!

This app can be used to make your own audio files to create the ringtones. You can also edit the ringtone and add fade in & fade out effects to your ringtone. The special feature of this app is that you can record a sound and make it a ringtone instantly.

Ringtone Designer Pro – Create Unlimited Ringtones, Text Tones, Email Alerts, and More!

With this app, you can create unlimited ringtones from your music library. Apart from ringtones, you can also create notification tones, alert tones, and alarm tones. It has quick record feature which lets you record any sound and make a ringtone out of it.

Ringtones for iPhone with Ringtone Maker

In this app, you can browse your favorite ringtones and set up as yours. Or, you can make a ringtone out of your own audio files in your music library. This app has different customization options with which you can edit your ringtones.

Ringtone Maker Pro – Create free ringtones with your music!

This app uses your audio files in the music library to make ringtones. It has many edit features with which you can create our ringtone. The editing features include fade in & fade out, makes the playback speed faster or slower, and also can change the pitch for fun.

Ringtones Free – Music Ringtones & Ringtone Maker

In this app, you can find ringtones of your preference and you can set them up as your ringtone. You can also create ringtones from the audio files selected from your music library. You can have sounds for ringtones, alert tones, notification tones, and also alarm tones.

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