Electric cars have been here for a while now, but a supercar powered by Electricity is not heard of commonly. A Chinese company by the name Techrules has showcased an electric supercar at the Geneva Motor Show 2016, which is being held from March 3rd to 13th.

The car is designed and produced by Techrules, and it is said to pack 1000 HP, and boasts going from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. The car, name of which is not known, can get to a top speed of 220 mph.

“The range-extending electric vehicle can achieve 2,000 kilometers with 80 liters of fuel, which shows its efficiency. Its second advantage is that it is environmentally-friendly, as its emissions are multiple times lower than piston engine vehicles on the market today. The third thing is it provides a solution for the issue of charging electric cars, because the aero-engine installed in the vehicle can recharge anytime without the limitation of surroundings.”, Jin Xinzhong, founder of Techrules said.

The engines of this car are not yet in mass production, and according to Jin Pu, a technical director at Techrules, they plan to start the production soon. It might still take a year or two for that to begin, and till then it will be just a small number of these electric supercars available in the market.

Jin Pu is also confident of making a mass-produced model that will be available in good number in five years from now, and that might be something like the Tesla Model S, but in the Chinese market. This electric supercar that is being talked about was tested in London, and has to still go through many other tests before getting released into the market.


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