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Doge send to Metamask

How to send Dogecoin to DogeChain Network on MetaMask from Exchange

Dogechain is having a very booming start to itself with thousands of users jumping into the chain for trading and trying out for 100x 1000x 10000x pumps on some random shitcoin and given how low liquidity pairs are happening and are worth risking, people who have done these things on the BSC and ETH chain would love trying it out here too.

Now, the thing first that you need to trade on Dogechain is the Dogecoin token itself, which would be available in the form of wDOGE on the chain, after you sent it to your Doge deposit address and it is sent to your MetaMask address through the bridge. But, how do you send the Dogecoin tokens and how to make sure you don’t lose your tokens and mess up the process? Let me explain that in the guide to make it easier for you to send Dogecoin to MetaMask.

Step 1: Add DogeChain network to MetaMask

Once you follow the steps for adding the DogeChain properly, you will only have to reveal the address to deposit Dogecoins. Remember – You should not deposit Dogecoins to your MetaMask address..

On the DogeChain network bridge website, you will have to click on “Confirm” after you have connected your MetaMask wallet. It is important to remember this message: Please deposit at least 100 $DOGE. Any deposit lower than 100 $DOGE will be lost. Even if for testing, you will have to send a minimum of 100 Dogecoins because this is a bridging and a minimum number is thus needed to be sent.

DOGE deposit address reveal

Transfer Dogecoin from Binance, FTX, or other exchange

$Doge is available on several exchanges and you can purchase them there and transfer that to the Doge deposit address that will be given for your MetaMask address on the bridge website. Binance, FTX, Kucoin, and every big chain are supporting Dogecoin withdrawal, but it is a little confusing for the users.

On Binance, you have a Dogecoin chain already added and a fee of 5 DOGE is charged for the withdrawal and you can choose that option, while on FTX, there is no withdrawal charges but there is no option of choosing the chain so that is lesser confusing as I tried using FTX and the withdrawal was successful and the Dogecoins were sent to my MetaMask wallet in a few minutes. It needs about 6 confirmations for the transaction to be successful and for the tokens to show up, so you can check that on the block explorer if it is taking time for your transaction to happen.

Before you leave, check out how to buy DogeChain shitcoins.

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