Android Go

Android Go Explained – What is being cooked?

Google always has a good number of new announcements underĀ its roof every year, which all gets announced at the Google I/O event that the company


Xiaomi F-code – What is it and how to use it for buying a phone?

If you are after the Xiaomi phones and are regularly looking to get one at the flash sales that the company holds, you should know

Wannacry ransomware

WannaCry Ransomware Attack: Everything You Need to Know!

Ransomware, as the name suggests, it is an add-on or add-ware that infects your PC and asks you for ransom in return to uninstall it.

Waterproof phone

What is IP certification on a smartphone and what are the types?

We all know how important it is to have a phone which has good resistance against dust and water. IP rating or Ingress Protection Rating


Cryptocurrency guide – What is it? Some basic questions answered

Cryptocurrency. Break it down to two words and you can easily understand what it is. It is a digital asset and it is managed by

SAR Rating

What is SAR rating for mobile phone safety standard?

SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate. Specific Absorption Rate of a mobile phone is a measure of the rate of RF (radio frequency) energy absorption

ram and rom

Explained: What is RAM and ROM in a Smartphone

The tech arena becomes faster day by day and the difference between computers, and smartphones are getting narrowed as well. As the famous tech personalities


What are Smartphone USB OTG Issues and How to fix them

USB OTG stands for USB On The Go which is a transfer protocol which allows for the connection of USBĀ devices to the mobile phone or


What is USB OTG and How does it Work?

We are living in a smartphone era where a pocket device takes charge of even computers. One of the main buying factors of a smartphone

Dual band Tri Band Quad Band Phones

Dual, Tri and Quad Band Cell Phones – What are they are where do they work?

Most of the mobile phones we use right now have dual, tri or even quad bands. The obvious question that will come up in your

OPPO 5x Dual-Camera Zoom

OPPO 5x Dual-Camera Zoom Technology – What is it?

Every brand now is indulging in not just bringing out smartphones that stand tough against the competition, but also in making technology better in aspects

Meizu Super mCharge

Meizu Super mCharge technology – 0 to 100% charge in 20 minutes

Meizu has announced the Super mCharge technology, the fast charging technology at the Mobile World Congress 2017 event in Barcelona. Much better in numbers compared