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AnTuTu Benchmark Android App

What is AnTuTu Benchmark? Tests Included and Scoring Information

AnTuTu is one of the most popular apps that measure benchmark scores of the Android phone. It is a known fact that most of the Android smartphones are judged first based on benchmark scores and AnTuTu is very commonly used in this case. While giving a score for the phone, AnTuTu also gives a score to every parameter within, i.e. individual scores.

While a score is given to a phone, it would mean more about comparing it with the other phones with similar power, to understand how well the processor and other components in this particular Android smartphone is doing. One can even try to compare between the scores of particular components, like the storage or the 3D graphics in specific.

Tests done in AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu BenchmarkThere are several tests done, and below is the list explaining what each of them means.

UX test in AnTuTu

This is divided in to Multitask and Runtime. This is the first score in the benchmark, and this judges about the end user experience. For a phone with multi-core CPU, the Multitask test shows how well a device can multitask, and Runtime test is obviously for showing how well the apps are run on Android’s Dalvik runtime.

RAM scoring in AnTuTu

The better RAM performance is, the better the phone will perform and in this test, scoring is given exactly for how well the RAM performs. The RAM score is divided into two: RAM Operation, and RAM Speed. We won’t be able to tell how these two differ, but the final score is given at once to make it easier.

AnTuTu Benchmark Android App


CPU test in AnTuTu

A faster CPU doesn’t mean you can multitask well. It is more about how well the smartphone can handle high-end apps and games. The CPU test too is divided into two parts – CPU Integer, and CPU float-point. This is a deep explanation needed here to understand these two tests. It is better not to think about it, because the integers and floating points are all just telling you how well the CPU performs, so keep it at it.

GPU test in AnTuTu

The Graphics Processing Unit is for graphics processing, as the name says. This majorly comes to play when you are running games on the phone. GPU renders all the 3D graphics, and accelerates the 2D graphics. The GPU test is again divided into two parts: 2D graphics and 3D graphics. While the benchmark test is going on, both the 2D and 3D tests are done separately by loading graphics of that level. When is 2D or 3D content shown, is what you won’t really know in a game being played on a high-end phone, because that is what the GPU handles to keep it seamless.

IO scoring in AnTuTu benchmark

Input / Output is what denotes about the speed of input and output transfer from the internal flash storage of the Android phone. The IO tests are to show how good the speeds are, and if it is a good IO score the device gets, then the performance is good while transferring files, or switching between apps because the app data gets stored, and saving of files is quicker.

The I/O tests in AnTuTu benchmark has two parts: Storage I/O and Database I/O. Storage I/O tests is about the speeds of reading and writing from internal storage of the device, and Database I/O is about the reading from and writing to a database.

There is no individual scoring based on a particular aspect, and all the scores are added to come up with a final score, which is compared with other devices that were set for other smartphones. How accurate is this, and whether any company tried to cheat and get a higher score is not under the control of the app developer always. Though, the comparison helps to understand how well the phone might be able to perform with the given internal hardware in the Android smartphone.

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