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ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz, the fastest gaming monitor, unveiled at CES 2020

At the CES 2020 in Las Vegas, ASUS has partnered with NVIDIA to bring the world’s fastest gaming monitor, named the ASUS ROG Swift 360 Hz, which as the name suggests has a faster refresh rate than all the current gaming monitors available in the market. The monitor will be previewed at the CES 2020 floor where we might get to know more about its availability.

For the elite professional gamers, having a faster monitor is as important as having a high-end PC for the graphics in FPS games where every frame is required to be loaded and not missed out. The recent graphics cards are tested out to offer the best of the graphics output with frame rates of hundreds per second. With monitors being able to offer up to 240Hz refresh rate struggling at the peak times, gamers would have looked out for better, and the company says that games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch demanded faster refreshing monitors.

ASUS, in fact, is the first brand to have a laptop with the 300Hz screen on it, and now is the first to come up with a PC monitor with a higher refresh rate. It is a 24.5-inch monitor and design-wise, it seems quite similar to the ROG lineup that is already present, with a thick rod attached on the back allowing for the angular adjustment of the monitor, and the base stand looking like a circular wheel and having the light arrangement to throw light onto the table on which it stands.

While the showcasing of the monitor would happen at a couple of hotels where the booths are set up by ASUS and NVIDIA, we hope to get a quick hands-on and demo to experience the faster refresh rates and its effect for the professional PC gamers.

Stay tuned for all the CES 2020 coverage.

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