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CES 2020

Gizmo Times at CES 2020 – What to expect? Stay tuned!

We are at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas, and it is going to be an exciting coverage of all things tech here at the CES show floor, where you’d see things around every category, though limited on the smartphone side. While we are going to be on the show floor from 7th January, the media days are before that and you can stay tuned for the same.

While CES is more on the consumer electronics segment and not on the smartphone area for which you’d have to wait for MWC 2020 to happen next month, here’s what the major focus would be at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


No matter how much you try to stay far from this, the 5G fever isn’t going down at least because of the wide growth of the same in the western world. 5G networks, the compatible devices, and everything around it. Including laptops that are going to take advantage of the faster network, we could be taking a look at the 5G compatible smart home products that will enter the market in countries like the U.S.A.


This will be a major focus, though it is still not clear why brands are in a hurry to come up with the 8K solutions when there is a dearth of content out there. Every brand has its own offering, some with exorbitant pricing making one wonder about its existence at all, but still, if you don’t see a lot of TVs getting officially announced at the CES 2020, you’d rather be disappointed as this category is supremely filled at this particular event. Some of the announcements are already done, with LG launching around 8 new models. Stay tuned for some major coverage in this category.

Smart Home products

Okay, this was also quite expected but again, some ridiculous stuff here as well. Not sure how interested you would be in checking it out, but Samsung has talked about a smart shoe management solution for deodorizing, dehumidifying, and what not for your shoes. But the smart home products are much more than that, with several startups, small and large companies are coming up with really innovative solutions around smart home products, and even beefing up the security for the same, which has been a major headache for most of them.

AI, Automation and more

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more smart assistants are a part of several home accessories, and that is not going to stop at all with more and more products taking up the support by these smart assistants. There are numerous new players in the market trying to show off their best work in offering smarter solutions, with the automation included.

The integration would be in smart speakers, smart showers as well, and everything you see around in your household. Let’s see what the brands are offering.

While these are the main areas of focus, the areas with the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean brands would be filled up with much more interesting stuff, so stay tuned for our coverage of the #CES2020 event.

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