Samsung is busy prepping something that would change the way you set up your dual monitor workstation. The company is said to be working on an ultra-wide panel display called ‘double full HD’ (DFHD) that sports an impressive 32:9 aspect ratio. It packs a 49-inches wide with 3840×1080 resolution.

Strictly talking, the 49-inch ultra wide display is exactly double the size of two standard 27-inch full HD single monitors, and for better viewing experience, it features an 1800R curvature. To accommodate gamers, it supports G-Sync or FreeSync with a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz. There is also another version with a slightly bigger panel with little extra vertical pixels that come with a 3840×1200 resolution. The company is expected to begin production of both monitors later this year in September making you wait until next year before getting one for yourself.

Samsung’s display division is on fire off late, just a while ago the company has unveiled it’s revolutionary Cinema Screen for theaters and also inked a deal with Apple for providing OLED display panels for the next iPhone.