It was rumored that Apple is finally making the shift to OLED display from the regular Retina display, given the fact that Samsung has a lead in the OLED space, it’s quite obvious that Apple would source the OLED panel from Samsung. Last year it was reported that Apple has ordered for 100 million 5.5-inch AMOLED panels from Samsung for the 2017 iPhone and early this year some rumors said Apple and Samsung had signed a deal for $4.3 billion OLED display panels and above 100 million are believed to have been ordered.

Now, The Nikkei Asian Review is reporting that Apple has now placed an order for 70 million OLED panels for this year’s iPhone. Another report from Research company IHS Markit’s senior director David Hsieh claims that Apple has initially ordered 70 million units of OLED panels from Samsung, later the company is actually preparing to ramp up the production to 95 million units in case of exceeding demand expectations.

Whatever the final numbers are, we will know them for sure some day as either of the companies might confirm it. Samsung is leading the pack in the OLED market and is rapidly expanding the market giving it an advantage over Apple which has to turn over to its rival if Apple wants to adopt to OLED finally.