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Top 10 Android Apps for Kids under 5 years

Kids and the usage of the smartphone by them have been increasing these days and you cannot blame them. Sometimes, these apps are not limited to fun but they give these kids a learning curve and experience before they head into the competitive world ahead.

Apps have evolved a long way in this smart world now. There are apps for everything you want now. And now, if you are looking for some best apps for your kid to have fun and learn, you have landed on the right page. We have a list of 10 of such apps which are the best currently.

Top 10 Apps for Kids under 5

Kids Balloon Pop Game free

This is an app which is a game as well as a learning app for your kid. As the name suggests, this is a classic balloon popping game with colorful graphics. The game has three different modes in which the first mode being just popping out the balloons, the second mode is popping of the balloons which when popped speaks out a number from 1-20, and the third mode is popping out the balloons with the alphabet spoken out aloud.

Animal Sounds

This app has over 50+ animal sounds with some adorable pictures in it. It will pronounce the animal name and the sound it makes in over 15 languages. This app gets frequent updates with new features. Go check it out and let your kids have fun learning.

Fruits and Vegetables for Kids

This app has all the fruits and vegetable names pronounced aloud so that your kid learns. After finishing the cards, a fun quiz is also available. Besides English, it also supports German, Russian, and Ukranian. Go check it out.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is brought to you by Google. This app from YouTube has all the types of videos kids love including the rhymes, some cartoons, sports, animals, crafts and a lot more. If your kid loves watching something interesting, then this app is for you.

LetterSchool – Phonics for ABC

This app lets your kid learn all the alphabet and numbers including pronouncing them. It also makes them practice how to write them by tracing. You can also save the settings and data for three different players in case you have more than a kid. It’s cool, go have a look.

Kids Learn Shapes FREE

This app teaches your kids the shapes using real-life objects. All the shapes such as circle, rectangle, triangle, square, rhombus and oval are taught in order for them to recognize them in the real-life. This app is so simple and easy to use.

Chuggington Ready to Build

This app is not for babies but for the kids of age 4 or 5. In this app, you can build your own world. You have missions to complete and helping in clean up spills, repairing bridges, put out fires, and more. Go take a look. Your kid will surely love this.

Barbie Magical Fashion

Have a kid girl? She’d definitely love this app of Barbie styling which helps in building creativity. You can change hairstyles, add streaks of color to hair, apply make-up, and add wearables such as shoes and other stuff. You can save after creating your Barbie in your style and save it and share it with others.

PlayKids – Cartoons for Kids

This app has all kinds of learnable things for your kid. It has hundreds of educational cartoons and also games of their favorite characters. You can also use this app offline by saving the wanted cartoons. Your kids can sing along and dance to the amazing songs and rhymes.

LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise

In this app by LEGO, your kids can design and build their own LEGO vehicles and mini figures. It is mostly for the age group of 4-7. From designing in this, it provides motivation to build their own with the LEGO blocks. You can also help them build and talk imaginative things upon what your kid built. It’s fun, go check it out.

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