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Windows 10

Why should you upgrade to Windows 10? Best Reasons

Even though the Windows 8 operating system was a radical change over Windows 7, it failed to gain the popularity that Windows 7 had gained over the years. And to shake that up, Microsoft is up with the Windows 10 operating system, which according to Microsoft, will attract much more audience than windows 8.

If you are confused on whether you should really upgrade your existing Windows machine to the Windows 10 operating system, or migrate from Mac to Windows 10, today we present you the best reasons, according to us, on why you should really consider moving on to the Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft.

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Windows 10

Top Reasons on Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 10:

1. Revamped Start Menu

With Windows 8, Microsoft moved out the start menu feature and then later brought it back in the Windows 8.1 update. However, with Windows 10, the Start Menu is back in all its glory and in an all new look.

With Windows 10, you can pin applications within the Start Menu, and the Universal Search has also been integrated within the Start Menu. Moreover, there is also an option to view the Start Menu in a full screen mode.

2. Integration with Cortana

Cortana is one of the mightiest feature that both Windows 10 and Windows Phone 10 has in store. The Cortana voice assistant is a direct competitor to the Google Now and Apple’s Siri, and in many ways have proved to be better than the two.

And with Windows 10, Microsoft has given tight integration for Cortana within the operating system where you can perform functions like online and offline voice searches, voice mail composing and more. You can even get Cortana to provide you with the latest weather updates or set up reminders for you, within your PC running Windows 10.

3. Free Upgrade to Windows 10

If you are having a genuine licensed version of the Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 operating systems running, you can pretty much upgrade your machine to Windows 10 absolutely free of cost. And once you upgrade, you can keep your Windows 10 copy free for a lifetime!

4. The “Edge” Web Browser

Microsoft recently bid farewell to their Internet Explorer web browser, which not many used anyway, and introduced the “Edge” browser, which is expected to be a quite faster and efficient web browser than the Internet Explorer. Edge will have integration with Cortana and it will support extensions and add-ons too, which creates up quite some anticipation for the web browser.

5. Continuum Mode

The “Continuum” Mode is one of the new features that you get to experience with the Windows 10 operating system. What this mode basically does is switch modes, so that if you are using a touch friendly device or a tablet, you can use the Tablet mode to make better use of the touch inputs, or else if you prefer using your machine with a mouse and a keyboard, then you can switch to the Desktop mode to provide a better experience.

6. Support for Multiple Monitors

Earlier, if you were to link up several monitors to one PC, then you had to make use of some third party software solutions to actually make use of all the displays. However, with Windows 10, Microsoft has finally given support for Multiple Monitors where you can link up different displays on to your machine and work seamlessly.

Even though Windows 10 packs in more features than what has been listed above, we think that the features mentioned above are some of the most waited and coolest features to come with Windows 10, which would make anyone wish to upgrade to Windows 10.

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