MSI Gaming 27 AIO desktop

MSI Gaming 27 AIO Desktop announced

MSI is bringing Gaming to All-in-One PC as well, thanks to the newly announced Gaming 27 which is said to be capable of running all the new PC games. The name...
Windows 10

How to Setup and Function Gestural Controls in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced some basic gestural controls in their Windows 8 operating system. Even though these gestural controls were useful, they were to utilized up to their potential. However, in Windows 10,...
Windows 10

How to Record your Screen on Windows 10

Until Windows 8, if you wanted to record an activity on your Windows 10 desktop, you had to download and use a third party tool. However, with the Windows 10 operating...
Windows update error 80070490

How to fix windows update error 80070490?

Have you been recently facing an Windows "80070490" error while installing a new update on your Windows copy and are you unable to resolve the issue?Well, if the Windows "80070490" error...
Windows Error 80070005

What is Windows Update error 80070005 and How to Fix

Many times when you use the Windows Update service to find, download and install the latest updates for your Windows PC, you may come across a lot of errors which is...
Windows Error 800b0100

What is Windows Error 800b0100 and how to fix it

Have you recently tried formatting the C:/ drive of your Windows machine and while trying to install a new genuine copy of Windows encountered an error with Error code 800b0100?Don't worry, this...
Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows officially released

Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows is here, with the worldwide release today Microsoft is making Office 2016 available for all. With more emphasis given for teamwork which can be seen across...
Lenovo Stick PC 300

Lenovo Stick PC 300 launched in India for Rs. 9999

Lenovo has launched their first PC on stick device in India, the Stick PC 300 which was announced in June and showcased in IFA 2015 earlier this month. The device was...
Acer Aspire U5 710

Acer launches Aspire U5-710 All-in-One PC with Intel’s latest chip

Acer has announced their latest All-in-One PC which comes with Intel's latest chip which is said to be less power-hungry, called the Skylake chips. These chips are mainly useful for Laptops...
Asus Zen AiO S PC

ASUS Zen AiO S All-in One PC launched at IFA 2015, priced from €1,099

Asus has announced two new All-in-One PC's to the Zen AiO S series with 23.8-inch Zen AiO S Z240IC and the other variant with 23.8-inch Zen AiO S Z240IC All in...
Asus VivoStick Windows 10 HDMI

Asus VivoStick is a $129 Windows 10 HDMI Stick with 2GB of RAM

Recently, Intel had announced a PC stick, the Intel Compute Stick that gave users an easy way to transform a TV into a computer with full functionality. Asus has an answer...
Windows 10

Windows 10 will remotely delete pirated games and software

Microsoft is planning to bring about changes in the world of PC gaming, but might disappoint several gamers along the process. But whatever the plan is, it is something that is...

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