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Windows update error 80070490

How to fix windows update error 80070490?

Have you been recently facing an Windows “80070490” error while installing a new update on your Windows copy and are you unable to resolve the issue?

Well, if the Windows “80070490” error is getting on your nerves, then today we are here with a simple trick that will remove the “80070490” error from your PC.

How to Solve the Windows “80070490” Error Easily?

Windows update error 80070490

The Windows error “80070490” is commonly caused due to an error or corrupted file in the CBS (Component Based Servicing) which recognizes the different components that are there inside your PC system, or due to an error in the registry keys.

Solving the “80070490” error is quite easy too, and below are some simple procedures that you can follow to remove the Windows “80070490” error from your PC:

  1. Download and Run the Microsoft System Readiness Tool: To resolve errors that are usually caused in a Windows system, Microsoft has created an official tool named the System Readiness Tool that will help you to easily remove such errors and issues from your PC.
    Once you download and run this tool on your PC, the tool will take about 15-20 minutes or at times even more to scan your PC for errors and then to analyze and execute the solution.
    As this is an official tool from Microsoft, it is hugely recommended that you go for this tool before trying any other method. Also please make sure that you download the tool from the official Microsoft site only and that too a version that is compatible with your Windows version.
  2. Do a Repair Windows Installation: If the above method does not work, then you can try doing a repair installation of your Windows copy, which will remove all the damaged registry keys and others errors, thus removing the “80070490” error too. Just insert the Windows installation disk that you have and run the Setup, from the installation Setup menu, click on “Repair” and follow the on screen instructions.

Finally, I hope that the above mentioned tips helped you resolve the Windows “80070490” on your PC. If you are still having some queries on the Windows error “80070490”, then we are here to help you out. All you got to do is to leave a comment below.

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