The smartphone market has brands serving with options in every price range but not every company that offers sees the sales as they would always expect. Huawei poses as a threat against any smartphone manufacturer out there. Talk about the premium materials the company uses for its products, the experience its products offer, and then, the affordability that makes it available for consumers in different budget segments.

But that isn’t contributed by only the flagship devices when it comes to smartphones. Huawei’s sub-brand Honor is the result of an alliance between affordability and premium experience. Honor as a brand itself has been on a rise since the day Huawei introduced it, in 2014 with the launch of Honor 6 and then the Honor 6 Plus, and if you’ve been following it closely, you would have noticed how the company boldly launched it with a Dual-camera setup.

Huawei describes Honor as “a brand that’s not afraid to do things differently, to be brave and bring about change.”

Honor Build QualityWhile doing that, Huawei has been able to achieve numbers that would usually not be possible for a relatively newer name in the market. In the first six months of 2015 itself, Honor was able to record 20 million phones.

Honor’s two major areas of interests have been the design and camera. Taking an early move to integrate a dual-lens camera system in the Honor 6 Plus doesn’t mean Huawei was learning on how the future has to be, but it rather meant that the innovations done back in 2014 were enough to take full advantage of the two lenses included on the back of the device.

Honor has been garnering rave reviews from users and experts for the design of its smartphones. It doesn’t matter what price range or which series are we talking about, because right from the Honor 4x to the Honor 7, the design language used is one that not many would match with ease. For potential customers, the mind plays with the tag of a Chinese brand running a sub-brand, but the case here is quite different when it comes to actually delivering what a Chinese brand is offering. Almost every Chinese brand now stands a chance against the current market leaders, and Huawei is one that should be regarded as the path-creator.

Honor 7

The Aesthetic Research Centre in Paris works only to make something unique when it comes to the looks of the smartphones. We’ve learned that the designers there aren’t someone who always have worked on smartphones but on luxury products like watches, in companies like Christian Dior. That should give an idea on what legacy Honor carries for innovations done in terms of design and the camera technology.

The dual-camera setup on the back of Honor 6 Plus achieved a shallow depth of field and allowed the users to focus on different objects in the same picture. Huawei has went ahead to do so much more than that with the provision of sensors that not just measure the depth of field but make pictures very much better in every way.

Honor Quality Guaranteed

While it is quite evident and the innovations done by Huawei done are worthy of a praise when it is the Honor brand in question, and to carry that ahead, the company is said to be coming up with a smartphone with technology that has got accolades from critics in the tech industry this year. Follow the hashtag #DoubleTheActionWithHonor8 on social media to know more about the Honor 8, that is coming with the Dual-lens camera system. With such technologies brought into smartphones that also challenge the competition with the affordable price tags, Honor can be seen only on the rise.

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