This question has been asked quite a few times already by our readers and we thought it should be helpful to write about how the JioPhone sales and registration works. Several readers have asked whether they will get the initial Rs. 500 that they had paid while pre-booking the JioPhone, if they are to cancel the order and don’t want the phone now.

The answer given on the website and one that was known already is – “You won’t get any refund even if you cancel the order before the phone is delivered”. While the device is getting delivered, you can choose not to accept it and the order gets cancelled but you are not going to get the Rs. 500 back. That is because Jio had charged you that amount as an assurance that you are going to buy the phone later and they don’t overstock the phones when there is no need.

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It should come as a disappointment for the early buyers who paid the pre-booking fee thinking that there might be a solution in case they change the decision and since Jio can anyway sell the overstocked phones later in the second batch of preorders, but that decision is not going to change and there is no information given by the company about the refund process in case there is no purchase happening.

The delivery of the JioPhone has now finally begun in a phased manner and you might soon be getting the message that you are going to get the delivery of the phone very soon. That is only if you have pre-booked the phone and currently, the pre-booking is stopped and once the delivery of all the booked devices is finished, the company might start the next phase of pre-booking of the JioPhone.

We are still trying to talk to the company officials to know more about it, but the status for now is that you won’t get any refund. The social media pages of Jio are flooded with the same query from several buyers who have pre-booked but now are not interested in getting the phone.


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