Reliance Jio 4G SIM & Preview Offer Guide – What, How, and Why!

    I’ve been asked loads of questions. Literally, a lot of them related to the Jio 4G SIM card and that is all because of the first story that we put out exclusively – Getting a Jio SIM for any 4G phone, but then, it was confirmed at a good number of stores, while many others still didn’t get the confirmation and weren’t offering the SIM card unless it was for the chosen brands and phones along with which Reliance has partnered for the same.

    Now, since I couldn’t answer a lot of tweets, messages, emails and even comments – here’s a complete FAQ that I feel should help you with it.

    Jio 4G SIM

    Should I really get the Jio SIM?

    Not everyone might need one and if you are quite satisfied with the current network provider of yours and don’t worry a lot about the data costs, you don’t need to get the Jio 4G SIM.

    But on the other side, you’ll need one if you are looking to switch to a new network and are fed up of the costs of data and calls on the current one, the Jio network can be well tested and you’ll know how well it performs at your place. Also, if you use data network a lot, you should take advantage of the offer currently and take the SIM, at least for the Preview Offer.

    Now, what’s Preview Offer?

    The Jio Preview Offer, also called as JPO, is the offer from Reliance during its test phase right now – where in you are getting to use the data, make calls, and send SMS, everything unlimited for 90 days.

    Also, the offer includes an access to some premium Jio apps. The offer not just lets you check out the network speeds so that you understand whether it is right one to continue with later, but unlimited data access for three months isn’t a small thing. Compare that with an average cost of Rs. 200 per GB of cost on any other network.

    Till when will I be able to get the free Jio SIM?

    That is not fixed. These offers could stop next week or could go on for months ahead. There is no last-date scene here, so if you are planning to get a Jio 4G SIM with its Preview Offer, do that at the earliest.

    I have heard that Reliance has partnered with a few brands to offer the SIM card for free. Which are those?

    Gionee Phones with Jio SIM

    It was first only the LYF handsets along with which the SIM cards were being bundled. Then, it was a partnership with Samsung, followed by LG, ASUS, Panasonic, Karbonn, Gionee, Lava, XOLO, and we are hopeful to see other brands too in the list very soon. But it is not all the phones from these companies that would be applicable to get the Jio SIM. Check the links below to see if you have a phone that is applicable to receive the free SIM.

    The list doesn’t seem to have a few brands, especially Apple. So, I cannot get the Jio SIM for my iPhone?

    For now, no, you cannot get the SIM if you own an iPhone. The SIMs are given only if the company has a partnership with Reliance.

    I have a phone that is applicable to get the Jio 4G SIM. Where do I go to get the free SIM?

    Although we have found that dealers or retailers who are selling LYF phones are also able to give the SIM for other phones, it is better that you visit the Reliance Digital or Reliance DX store for the same, as they are the official stores where you can get the SIM card with ease.

    But wait, have you generated the invite code on your phone to get the SIM? You need to do that, otherwise you are not going to be given the SIM card.

    How do I generate the code?

    Jio Preview Offer Code

    In order to do that, you need to download the MyJio app in Google Play Store and then, you will be given the instructions to get the SIM card, and that is only if you are having an applicable phone. There are many users who are facing an issue in getting the barcode. We have a guide on how to generate code for Jio and we are sure that will help you.

    Now that I have the code, will I need any documents to submit to get the SIM?

    Yes, it is just like any other SIM card and thus, the govt. approved ID cards are needed. The documents to get Jio 4G SIM include an ID proof, an address proof, and a passport-sized photograph. You will need to carry the original proofs along with the photo copies.

    Instead of all this hassle, should I not be porting my existing number to Jio network and enjoy the benefits?

    Two things to note here about this question –

    1. After MNP, you might not be able to get all the benefits that you are getting with in the Jio Preview Offer on these new numbers that are being offered by Reliance right now.
    2. The bigger issue is – the Mobile Number Portability is not yet available for Jio 4G network, so forget about it.

    I finally got the SIM from Reliance Digital, now, how do I get it activated?

    “Free” stuff doesn’t come that easy for everyone. While some are saying that their SIM activation happened the same day they got the SIM, others are complaining that they don’t have the activation message even 10-14 days after they got the card.

    There is no actual definite time for this. It depends on the number of SIM activations happening at that exact Reliance Digital or DX store where you got your free Jio SIM. Another reason for the delay is that your documents couldn’t be verified and the store hasn’t contacted you for the same. It could be that you need to submit an alternative document, or something else. In any case, rather than calling the JioCare who might not have an idea about it, you should visit the Reliance Digital store where you submitted the documents.

    I can’t reach the store that easily. I want to try solving the problem on the phone, what is the Jio Care phone number?

    The toll-free number to contact the Jio customer care is 18008901977 and you can call that from any network.

    How do I know that my SIM is active and I have to verify it?

    It is called televerification and that can be done only when your alternate number (You should have given an alternate number while taking the SIM at the store) receives a message saying that your SIM is now ready for the televerification. If you don’t get that message, it is going to be a waiting game and you can’t do anything with the SIM and it won’t probably even connect to the Jio network.

    Jio SIM activation

    I got the message for Televerification, how do I proceed and what do I do?

    When you get the message on the alternate number, you should be now inserting the Jio SIM in the device that you got the SIM for. If you had already inserted the SIM, just restart the device and it should be catching the signals. Call 1977 from your new Jio SIM and the call should be connected to the IVRS system that will ask you to enter the last four digits of your ID proof that you had submitted. Once you have successfully entered the same, the verification is done.

    That’s it? I can now just go on and enjoy the free calls and data?

    No, you are not actually done. What you are getting is a limited amount of initial calls and data, which has to be exhausted and you will have to activate the unlimited data and calls. Here’s how to do that.

    Which apps can I use with its premium features as a part of the Preview Offer?

    Following are the apps that a part of this offer and you get full access to them while the Preview Offer is going on.

    • JioPlay – Live and Catch up TV
    • JioOnDemand – On demand movies and videos
    • JioBeats – Live streaming and listening to music
    • JioMags – Magazine app
    • JioXpressNews – Newsfeed app
    • JioDrive – Cloud drive app with 5GB storage
    • JioSecurity – Device Manager app
    • JioMoney – Mobile Payment Wallet

    I don’t have good Jio 4G signals in my area. Is there anything I can do to change it?

    One of the reasons why you are getting this Jio offer is that Reliance can test its network and it gets real users to use and talk about the network strengths. If you are not getting signals at your place or the network is poor, you will just have to hope that it gets better with time because right now, network optimizations are being done to make the network better.

    I am not able to make calls to number that is on Airtel, Vodafone, Idea networks. What is the problem?

    The reason for that is – These network operators are blocking the calls, since Reliance Jio is not a public network already and the other networks are getting clogged because of the free calls being done through Jio network. It would get better only when the public launch of Jio 4G network happens.

    So, when will the Jio 4G network commercial launch happen?

    Several sources claim different dates for the launch of this new network, but the closest to reality for us is December last week, but take this with a pinch of salt. It is not a fixed date and every date is just a rumor right now.

    Any details about the call and data costs after the Preview Offer is expired?

    Jio SIM Tariff

    Let me not jump into any fake numbers because no one really knows what would the pricing and tariff of Jio 4G network be, but the booklet that comes along with the SIM, talks of these prices.

    Chetan Bhawani
    Chetan Bhawani
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