While it is a good news that most of you are now having a smartphone that is eligible to get the free Reliance Jio 4G SIM card with the Preview Offer, a majority in them are stuck in the first step itself. Only having a smartphone is not enough here. You need to actually generate the invite code or offer code that has to be produced at the Reliance Digital or Reliance DX store.

Without the code, you can just try your luck because some of the stores are already offering Jio SIM for any 4G phone. If you are asked for a code, well, you have no other option than to generate one. The standard way of doing so is by downloading the MyJio app and tapping on the banner that says “Get Jio SIM”.

Jio Preview Offer Code

Not surprisingly, many users are complaining that they are not getting the offer code even though the phone is eligible for the offer. Let’s talk about the reason for that and then, the fix.

Reason – Why am I not getting the invite code for JPO SIM?

The reason for that is the non-recognition of the phone by the app. Sometimes it cannot take the device ID, and thus you won’t see the option to get the code. Earlier, a small bug had made everyone easily generate the offer code by downloading the Jio apps. Reliance fixed that and the new app strictly detects the phone before giving you the option.

Fix – How do I generate the invite code?

The only and easy solution for that is by using the previous version of the MyJio app. This is not the official fix and the company might not suggest you to do so, but when you have a phone that is applicable to get the SIM card and you are not able to find it, there has to be some way, right?

So, download the previous version of MyJio app by going to the following link: Download

But then, only installing this is also not enough because you have to be a bit tricky and ensure a couple of other things as well.

  • First – While installing this app and opening it for the first time, do not keep the Internet connection active. Turn it off and install the APK.
  • Second – Restart the phone after you have installed the app. Make sure you install the APK after you have deleted the original MyJio App.
  • Third – You have to download all the Jio Apps in the list to get the code finally. Only when you are going to tap on “Install All” option, activate the Internet.

After all apps are installed, close the MyJio App and restart it and you will see the option to Get Jio SIM. If you still don’t see it, please comment below with the exact procedure that you followed and we’re sure we can help you get the code.

By the way, wondering whether you are having an applicable phone to get the SIM? check out the list below.

There are phones from Panasonic, TCL, and ASUS as well.


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