List of LG phones which are applicable to get Jio Preview Offer (How to get it)

    While Reliance is not officially sending any information and there is no offer page for LG phones on its website, the support section does list a few phones from LG that are applicable to get the Jio 4G SIM with the Preview offer for free if you have one of those phones.

    Also, the sheet looks incomplete because the LG users having a phone that is not in the list has been able to get the offer invite code when accessing the MyJio app. Here is the list of LG 4G smartphones that you can get the Preview Offer code on.

    Jio 4G Preview Offer on LG Phones

    LG Phones to get Jio 4G Preview Offer

    • LG X Screen (K500I)
    • LG G4
    • LG G4 Stylus
    • LG G5
    • LG Stylus 2 Plus
    • LG K520 – Stylus 2
    • LG G3
    • LG Google Nexus 5x (LG-H791)
    • LG K10
    • LG K7

    This is just the list of phones that we are seeing in the official list as well as with the addition based on any user report. It will be updated regularly if there is any addition of the devices.

    How to get the free Preview offer SIM on LG phone

    You need to download and install the MyJio app from Google Play Store and open it. If you have the applicable phone, the app will automatically detect that and you will be shown the message “Get free 4G SIM” that you need to tap on, to get the offer code.

    Here’s how to generate code for Jio SIM.

    Though one of the users said that they could see the message directly without having to install any extra app, another one reports that the entire list of 9 apps has to be downloaded and installed, and that will be verified by the app before you are given the invite code to get the Jio 4G SIM with Preview Offer.

    For me on the LG X Screen, I was taken to the Play Store to download JioOnDemand, JioPlay, and JioBeats, which were enough to get the invite code.

    Did it work for you? Comment below with what you are seeing and if it was successful for you on your LG phone.

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