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Indians make 50 million minutes of WhatsApp video calls per day, highest in the world

Ever since WhatsApp introduced the video calling feature, the alternatives had a hard time as the feature did so well on the much popular chat app and in countries like India, the numbers are staggering in terms of the number of minutes of video calls made.

According to the recent report, Indians make about 50 million minutes of video calls per day only through WhatsApp. This is highest when compared to any other country in the world. The video calling was not so actively or easily available for the users and it was only through apps like Skype, Google Duo, and FaceTime for Apple iPhone users. But when WhatsApp introduced the feature, it was all about using one app for everything – chat, voice, and video calls.

What helped WhatsApp and the growth in video calls is the availability of free data through the new entrant in the telecommunications segment in India – Reliance Jio. Not just with the number of minutes of video calls, WhatsApp also has India as one of the biggest bases with over 200 million monthly active users.

On the global side, WhatsApp sees about 340 million minutes of video calls per day. The app has been bringing about some new features and that includes the Story / Status where the user can daily change the status and it has been tweaking the UI to enhance the engagement within the app.

It was earlier said that WhatsApp was planning to introduce advertisements in the app but Facebook, the owner of the app said that it is testing out options to bring about a communication platform for businesses to connect to their customers and take advantage of WhatsApp for the same.

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