Several years ago we saw a huge shift in terms of computing when the first laptop was introduced, this new invention brought about several changes in the way Computers are used and also hugely increased mobility.  A few years later, we saw the advent of the smartphones and we’ve now reached a point where the smartphones are just as powerful as the other computers we use, however, the limited display size acts as a major constraining factor from it being used for more productive purposes.

Lapscreen is a lightweight portable display and might be the best solution for someone who needs an extra screen to do their daily activities. It is a convenient way of extending or duplicating the display of the Smartphone or the Laptop using an HDMI or a USB Type-C cable.

Lapscreen has been designed with portability in mind and only weighs about 400 grams and is roughly the size of an A4 size paper. The Lapscreen comes in two variants, one with a 10-point multi-touch screen and the other without a touch screen. The brand seems to target users like students who work on various projects, businessmen who have to give presentations at various locations and other travelers who need an additional screen for the laptop or their mobile device.

There are multiple ways of using it, the Type-C port can be used as a convenient solution for power, audio and signal input, however, if you wish to use the HDMI for the signal input and audio input then you will need an additional power input source. The Lapscreen comes with a FullHD display and has a thickness of less than 4mm, there are no bezels on the size or the top of the display, this was first invented by Michél Haese for portable and convenient multi-screen usage on the mobile computing device and is now being produced by Faytech.