MicRig is a universal video grip handle with built-in stereo mic

    Capturing videos like a pro is always a complex task. You have to make sure that you have good camera handling skills along with crisp and clear audio quality. The company named Movo Photo, based in Los Angeles makes photography and videography equipment. Movo Photo has partnered with Sevenoak to make the MicRig. MicRig is a universal video grip handle with a built-in stereo mic. It bundles up with your DSLR or a smartphone or a GoPro to form a perfect video setup.

    Movo Photo has started their campaign on Kickstarter with a goal of $20,000. They’ve already raised about $52,000 with around 1000 backers and still has 18 days to go.

    MicRig connects with your device with no bulky setups and no loose connectors. It is your professional, universal solution for capturing the best possible action shots.

    It has a professional mic which is capable of producing pro audio by matched Supercardioid 9.7mm stereo elements. The sensitivity of the mic is adjustable with low cut filter and +10DB/0DB sound attenuation pad switch ensures great audio anywhere. It is capable of bypassing the noise made due to the handle and due to shocks.

    The MicRig works with a single 1.5v AA battery and keeps you running for up to 75 hrs.In the box, you get the MicRig handle which is capable of carrying up to 3.5 Kg, mounts for your different devices, a Deadcat Windscreen for the mic and adapter cables.

    Interested? Go check out their campaign on Kickstarter.

    While we talk about these projects from crowdsourcing websites, we cannot guarantee or vouch for their delivery or whether they would be successfully made or not, but they are among the coolest ideas people have got.

    Sai Abhijat
    Sai Abhijat
    Sai Abhijat is a biking enthusiast, still a student who is a tech geek and a passionate writer.

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