Binatone has announced a very unique product, the Maskfone – a hybrid solution between a protective face mask and a Bluetooth headset. The MaskFone itself is N95 certified and comes with an IPX5 rating making it ideal for cleaning while disinfecting the mask. It also gets it’s own microphone so that users can answer phone calls on the MaskFone. It also comes with replaceable N95 filters.

MaskFone Details

The MaskFone has a traditional face mask design that covers your entire face. The mask is N95 certified providing you the highest levels of air filtration from various types of bacteria and viruses in the air. The earbuds that go into your ears have an in-ear design with replaceable ear tips. The mask has button controls on one side for volume adjustment, pairing, play/pause, and more. The MaskFone is also available in various sizes to fit every face.

It is equipped with a battery that can provide over 12 hours of audio playback. The MaskFone also gets a microphone so that users can answer phone calls on it, just like any regular Bluetooth headshot. The electronic modules of the MaskFone are IPX5 certified making them resistant against water splashes, so you can safely disinfect your mask without damaging the equipment. The MaskFone is available in two colors – Black and White in 3 different sizes.

The N95 filters on the MaskFone can be replaced by the user. The materials used in the mask can filter out particles of sizes 0.3 micrometers, enough to stop any micro-organism from you breathing in. It also protects you again dust, smoke, pollen, etc. The MaskFone is a very ideal solution for people looking for safety along with audio likings, so they can continue to listen to music in public places without the hassle of a neckband with a mask on your face.

The MaskFone has an MSRP of USD 49 (around Rs. 3,500). It is available for sale only in the United States as of now.


Chinmay Dhumal is a passionate tech enthusiast who while is a student, but studies tech and gaming more than he is supposed to, but he enjoys what he does. Bio provided by Chetan Bhawani!