Camera control and usage is easy when you are behind it but it isn’t at all when you are the subject and are still trying to operate the camera. There are enough camera remotes available in the market but most of them do only one thing – hit the shutter button without you having to reach the camera shutter button. That’s just an access to the button when you are a few feet away from it.

Spark is a new camera remote that the makers call as the “most versatile camera remote”. It is said to be coming with three different shooting modes.

Whether you’re taking a fun group photo, capturing a long exposure of the stars, or settling down and setting up a time lapse, Spark gives you instant control. With your phone or without it. Spark combines the speed of infrared triggering, with the reliability of a traditional wired trigger, and the power and feature set of smartphone app control.

Spark Camera Remote iOS Android Apps

The three controls available with the Spark Camera Remote include the following.

  • Infrared – Point Spark at your camera’s IR receiver and press the button to take a photo.
  • Wired trigger – Use it as a traditional wired trigger to take photos, long exposures, bursts all without disturbing the camera.
  • App control – Plug Spark into your camera and control it from the phone.

This is a smart remote that can be controlled using your Android or iOS device, and you can then choose what type of picture you want to capture with. Spark will last for over 2,000 hours of use and automatically go to sleep when you’re not using it. To wake Spark up, simply press the button. And if the battery does run out, pop open the case and replace it with a new coin battery that several watches use.

The remote is priced at $44 and it is put up on Kickstarter as a crowdsourcing campaign waiting to reach the set target. Check out the project.


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