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Hisense A2 Pro e-ink display

Hisense A2 Pro has a seconday e-ink display, showcased at MWC 2018

While there wasn’t a lot of ‘new’ at the MWC 2018, some devices that were launched recently were all showcased at the respective booths of the companies. We got an opportunity to check out the Hisense dual-display smartphone at their booth in MWC 2018 recently.

The Hisense A2 Pro comes with a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with a Full HD resolution on the front while the rear display on the device is a 5.2-inch e-ink display. The e-ink display on the rear is not a gimmick and has the ability to show just about anything that your AMOLED display can, this e-ink display has better viewing angles, works in direct sunlight and uses a much lesser battery.

Hisense A2 Pro

The Hisense A2 Pro also lets you use the e-ink display as a mouse to control the main screen in the dual mode. The device is powered by MSM8937 octa-core 1.4GHz CPU and has 4GB RAM along with 64GB internal storage. The front camera on the device is a 5MP camera while the rear is a 16MP shooter with a f/2.0 aperture. The device comes with support for Hisense Quick Charge that helps juice up the 3090mAh battery in the quickest possible time. The device runs on a rather older Android 7.1.2 Nougat based operating system, however, the merits of the device are not really based on the software version here.

Hisense A2 Pro OS

Hisense A2 Pro e-ink options

The main AMOLED display of the device can be used for most of the daily usage functions such as chatting and browsing while the e-ink display can be used for secondary purposes including reading an e-book, displaying a picture and doing just about anything that doesn’t require the display to refresh all that often. The biggest advantage of an e-ink display is that it doesn’t consume battery when the display is not updating, the display uses power only when the image on the screen needs to be refreshed and thus can be very beneficial when used to display constant data.

Hisense A2 Pro e-ink camera

Either side of the display can be used to take the calls based on convenience, this device from Hisense is expected to go on sale for a price of $435. This isn’t one of the early phones with this concept as the Yotaphone packed something similar when it comes to the display technology but then, the lack of many good powerful options gives the Hisense A2 Pro an edge.

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  1. looks a lot like the YotaPhones years ago but much cooler and with better specs, great article team!! #GizmoTimesatMWC2018 #GizmoArmy #Honor9LiteGiveaway

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