Honor 10 to bring AI features with built-in NPUs

Honor 10

Honor‘s upcoming flagship, Honor 10 has advanced AI technology that will be used in the smartphone’s camera. The smartphone comes with a AI chipset that has built in Neural Processing Unit (NPU). The new 970 Kirin chipset used in the Honor 10 uses an NPU to recognize up to 500+ scenarios in 22 categories.

It can point the outlines of various surrounding objects like sky, plants, people and waterfall and can also identify their locations. It uses Semantic Image Segmentation technology to identify mulitple objects in a single image and apply scene-specific parameters to each photo real-time when taking a picture, making every photo you take professional at just one click.

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The NPU uses Machine learning and Neural Networks to distinguish between different objects. The Neural Networks first need to be trained to function properly. To train the Neural Networks, a set of inputs and their expected results are given to the network and later various thresholds are adjusted to get required results. Once trained, it can be used to identify and categorize various unknown inputs as well.

The NPU wouldn’t be a burden on the phone’s battery life, as it runs independently without interfering with the CPU, GPU or DSP that makes it power efficient to use. This helps in the phone work efficiently without slowing down the phone.


Not just the NPU, but the Honor 10 also comes with CMF design technology. Most of the phones these days have flat and dull colors, but the Huawei Honor’s phone certainly does stand out from the rest with the unique hue changing back design. CMF also short for Color, Material Finish, is chromatic design technology used in the designing of the phone’s body. The phone uses several layers of NCVM optical coatings underneath the glass back, which creates a gradual hue. The light incident on the phone refracts in different direction giving it the gradient.