With the gaining popularity of smartphone gaming in India, gamers have always been on the look for the best smartphone that doesn’t cost a bomb but at the same time, is fully powered for offering the best gaming experience. And while the chipset is a major factor to consider, many brands miss out on offering the best connectivity options, modified designs for better gaming, and many more. One of the newest entrants in the market is the brand iQOO that has launched the iQOO 3 smartphone.

The #iQOO3 might get all the accolades for its gaming prowess and capabilities, but the phone packs so many things to make itself the perfect flagship of 2020. Let’s check out what makes the iQOO 3 stand out among the plethora of options available in the market.

iQOO 3 back

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor

The flagship mobile platform from Qualcomm made with the 7nm process and having the best of the performance possible, is the chipset powering the iQOO 3. The full potential of the Snapdragon 865 is taken advantage of in this phone, including the future-proofing with the support for 5G connectivity. Some might argue the fact that India is not currently prepared for 5G, but it would be available at some point, and flagships are good enough for usage for a few years, so you wouldn’t have to upgrade to a new phone if you have a well-performing 5G phone already with you.

Made for Gaming

iQOO 3 touch buttons

iQOO 3 touch sensitive buttons

Now, as it has always been the case, gaming performance on a smartphone is not dependent only on the processor. While the iQOO 3 has the Snapdragon 865, the touch response rate of 180Hz makes the response much smoother and the bigger reason for this to be the best gaming device out there is the Monster Touch Buttons on the frame of the device. Only the gamers would know the value of these two pressure-sensitive buttons that help in adding more functionality or multi-control by playing the FPS games like PUBG Mobile, where multi-finger usage is very common.

4440mAh Battery with 55W Super Flash Charge Technology

With several flagship smartphones these days, what we see regularly is that the companies compromise with the battery size in order to give more importance to the design. With the iQOO 3, there’s a large 4440 mAh battery, and the design is nowhere compromised here but iQOO has managed to pack the high-capacity battery under the chassis. Add to it the super-fast charging with the 55W Super Flash Charge Technology that would easily give you a day’s usage with not even 30 minutes of charging. In fact, the reported charging is about 50% in just 15 minutes.

Power-Packed Variant for Longevity


The 5G variant of the iQOO 3 has the best of the internal specs including the RAM, and storage. There’s a whopping 12GB of RAM that would always offer multitasking at ease. To add to that, the phone has 256GB of internal storage, which is the best for any Android device in the Indian market. So as to keep the phone future-proofed and ready for the next generation of mobile network connectivity, iQOO has offered the device with the best RAM and ROM options including the UFS 3.1 storage and the LPDDR5 RAM.

The camera setup on the back

iQOO 3 rear camera

The iQOO 3 boasts a combination of powerful cameras that do the regular photography at ease but at the same time, they extend the boundaries in mobile photography, with the telephoto lens being able to offer 20X digital zoom, and as usual, we also see a wide-angle lens for the landscape photos.

iQOO has included the Sony IMX 582 camera as the primary one, with the F/1.79 aperture and the 48-megapixel resolution sensor, while the telephoto camera is a 13-megapixel sensor with the F/2.46 aperture and it is capable of zooming in with up to 20x with the help of software. The ISP from Snapdragon 865 helps in good post-processing of the captured pictures.

Monster Mode UI

The user interface on the iQOO 3 is named the Monster Mode UI, which perfectly maintains the balance between the performance and the visual look. The UI is well balanced with a plethora of options for every type of user, one who would choose optimization over performance, and the other who chooses performance over everything else.


There’s a whole lot of dynamic effects for the animations when you launch and exit the apps, and literally the animations can be set for fingerprint, facial recognition, ambient light effect, and charging as well.

The Game Vibration Effects

Apart from the enhancements done for the best gaming experience, the phone itself physically enhances the experience by adding those vibration effects while shooting in the FPS games like PUBG Mobile. This would be different gaming defined here with the effects turned on, and you don’t have to set anything up as the UI is adjusted to work with some of the popular games already and it would work seamlessly.

iQOO 3

There’s a lot more to talk about the device, to tell why it is one of the prime options in the price range, a future-proofed phone with the 5G connectivity. It sure is a #MonsterInside and is power-packed enough to keep the users free from any worry for years to come. The iQOO 3 is going to be available both on Flipkart and iQOO store.

To add to the reasons why the phone is a good choice, iQOO provides free pick and drop service for any repair issues across the country covering more than 15000+ pin codes. For any on-call assistance, iQOO service experts are available 24*7 over the toll-free number 1800-572-4700.


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