OPPO F3 with Dual-lens selfie camera to launch on May 4th


OPPO India is going to launch the F3 smartphone in India and the launch is set for May 4th. The company had recently launched the F3 Plus with a 6-inch display and the dual-lens front facing camera setup and the upcoming OPPO F3 is also said to be having a similar camera combination.

The OPPO F3 will have the dual selfie camera combination where the first one is for individual selfies and the secondary lens will help in group selfies with the wide-angle view. While we don’t have much information about the smartphone, it surely will have a smaller screen size and a lesser battery capacity when compared to the large OPPO F3 Plus. Also, it won’t do better than the Android 6.0 Marshmallow based ColorUI 3.0 skin just like the one on the F3 Plus.

For the other specs, it wouldn’t have anything less than 4GB of RAM and 32GB storage. We will get to know the official specs and the pricing of the OPPO F3 phone on May 4th when it gets launched in the market. Till then, if you want to know how good the OPPO F3 Plus is, check out the OPPO F3 Plus Review.

It is also said that OPPO is partnering with the Tollywood movie Baahubali and might have a game launch done together or have a Bahubali-powered smartphone on the same day of the launch of the device. Stay tuned for more details.