Samsung Electronics is prepping up to release Foldable Smartphone next year

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

The Smartphone industry is reaching a saturation point in terms of design with the smartphones bearing the same bar type design with just a little variations in terms of materials being used and minor changes. There is a need for a big overhaul and Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display are working on a Foldable Smartphone to bring that much-needed change. What is being worked on is a Foldable smartphone having a foldable OLED display which will be a 5-inch Smartphone initially and can be opened to be used as a 7-inch tablet device.

Samsung has been trying hard to stay in the smartphone industry race with many new and young companies invading the space once occupied by Samsung, with such innovations the company can stay in the race. They have come out with the Galaxy Edge series where the display bends into the sides and we can see where they are heading. We have also seen LG display their rollable AMOLED display at CES 2016 which caught everyone’s attention.

Director Lee Chang-hoon of Samsung Display, said, “Development of Foldable OLED is taking place according to our plan.” he added “We are planning on mass-production and release of this product by discussing with our partners.” Samsung is making huge strides in reaching their goal of mass-producing the Foldable smartphone from second half of this year and enter the market from next year. They have started working on the Foldable Smartphone technology since 3 years, knowing that the smartphone markets are slowing down and they need something new and fresh to bring a momentum in the market.

Samsung even has registered many design patents regarding the foldable design showing how the Foldable display actually works.

Samsung Display has developed a Foldable OLED display and a prototype of the foldable Display is being finished with development. The mass-production of the foldable displays will start form the second half of this year. Before the mass-production of the Foldable Displays begins there are certain tasks to be completed, is what Samsung has mentioned. We have earlier seen a Video by Samsung showing the foldable smartphone concept

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