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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8 Problems: All the issues that the users are facing

Samsung’s latest flagships, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus have finally arrived after the burning off of the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung after seeing the huge downside after the Note 7 incident, does seem like it’s going more off the track with the Galaxy S8 users reporting major bugs and issues with the phone. In most of the cases, it is the random restarting of the device. At first, it was only one person from the XDA forum who reported and got a replacement for his device by Samsung after letting them know but now, there are more people reporting the random restarts on both S8 and S8 Plus.

The restarts happen after some of the artifacts pop on the bottom of the screen. The other bug that was reported was of a red tint that appears on the display but later, the bug was fixed by Samsung with a small procedure. And now, there seems to rise more bugs with them doing that. This red tint issue was first noticed by the South Koreans who first got their hands on the phone. This issue is reported to be because of the design of the AMOLED display of the phone and the joint pixel types Samsung user; red-green and blue-green according to Engadget.

Samsung got it by a surprise after there were more users reporting the random restarts bug online. After Samsung has denied many claims of the red tint bug online, they finally said that all these issues would be fixed in the upcoming update and we hope for the same.

Recently, some users starting reporting about a newer issue with the GalaXY S8. Wi-Fi connectivity issues it is. Samsung too acknowledged this and they are saying that the issue will get a fix through a software update. It is said to be a problem with the wireless access point of a local carrier.

Here are some other bugs that are being reported

  • Iris scanner and Face detection both enabled at the same time is vulnerable as there are claims that it has a security flaw which may allow unlocking of the device even with a photo.
  • If you just enable the Face detection alone, you might have to attempt a few times to unlock the phone.
  • The other bug is that, in default, the Galaxy S8 comes out of the box with a lower FHD+ resolution instead of the 2960 x 1440 4K resolution in order to save the battery. If you want to switch to 4K mode, go to Settings > Display > Screen Resolution and change it to WQHD+ but be ready to experience a lesser battery backup.

Fortunately, there is no issue as big as the Galaxy Note 7 battery blast issue that the company saw for months after the launch of the big phablet last year. But for a phone that is supposed to be the best of the lot this year, the problems are going to be a nightmare for the company if they don’t send the fixes as soon as they can.

How is Samsung responding to the complaints by the Galaxy S8 users?

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  1. My screen turns green, red and blue after setting for awhile. I see that it has been a reported problem, how can I get this taken care of. Also I turn it off at night and sometimes in the morning it is on. Seems to be another bug. Any suggestions?

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