OnePlus 3 is the flagship from OnePlus with one of the best specs in the market, boasting a 6GB Ram and Snapdragon 820 processor with 64gb internal storage, there are few devices that match up to the specs of this device. However the place where Oneplus actually lags is the software, time and again Oneplus has been criticized for its below average software. Fortunately being a OnePlus device, there are more than enough custom ROMs available for the device which provide an excellent experience and there’s much to experiment with. We’ve found Freedom OS to be one of the best custom ROMs for OnePlus 3, mainly because of the features that come with and the minimalist feel attached.

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Do note the fact that, being a custom ROM, it might have a few bugs and defects which might be rectified and Patched in the further updates. Freedom OS has been appreciated by several of its users for the excellent sound quality, thanks to the ARISE system profiles and Viper4Android inbuilt. The ROM also gives you and option to install or uninstall the gapps and even the system apps, Thanks to the interactive aroma installer.

The ROM also supports Aroma installer, meaning that you can have an interactive experience in selecting and installing the features that you want to.


  • Download the zip for the Freedom OS and gapps from here.
  • Copy the files to a convenient directory in the device.
  • Then reboot the device to recovery, to do this first switch off the phone and then hold the power and Vol down button together until the OnePlus logo comes up.
  • Its is recommended to perform a Nan droid backup before proceeding, for a guide on the same click here
  • Select the install page from the main menu and a file manager should open up.
  • Navigate to the folder containing the files and select the Freedom OS package first and swipe the slider to the right to start the installation.
  • You should be guided through the installation process with multiple options, select the options to your requirement and choice.
  • After the ROM is successfully installed, go back to the main page and select install again.
  • Navigate and find the gapps file and swipe right to install.
  • Now go back to the main and select wipe, here select cache, dalvik cache and wipe.
  • Then perform a factory reset.
  • Now finally, go back and select reboot and choose system.
  • The first boot might take longer than usual but the device should boot normally. If it doesn’t, you can always go back to the recovery and restore the backup that you’d taken before the installation.

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