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Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Pay

How to setup and use Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Pay is a major step by Samsung for the cardless transactions where the company has taken a step ahead of the other manufacturers, especially Apple, in offering the Samsung Pay feature. To know more about it, you can read what is Samsung Pay and then, if you are a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ user, read on to know how to set it up and use the service.

Samsung Pay uses Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology and that is seen on most of the POS payment terminals, making the usage easier. To activate Samsung Pay on your smartphone, here is what you need to do.

There’s already an app available for download and the shortcut for that is given in the app drawer. You will find a file of about 84MB size, which you need to download and that will happen right there. It will then install the Samsung Pay app on the device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Pay Home

Once installed, you will be given an introduction to how the app works and then you can start with the setup of Samsung Pay. The verification method is what you need to select after that. You can choose between Fingerprints, Irises, or PIN only. Once you select that, you will be asked to authenticate the fingerprint.

You are now ready to use Samsung Pay and can add a credit or debit card. Here, you will have to just place the card on a flat surface and on the Samsung Pay app, the camera is activated and it will scan the details from the card, i.e. the card number an expiry date. You will have to enter some details like Name and CVV number and the card will then get added.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Setup Samsung Pay

Once the cards are added, you will be asked if you want to use Samsung Pay as the default method or want to have the Android Pay as the default payment option. You can either make it the default one or have it as the chosen option only when the app is opened in the foreground.

The cards added first would be added to the favorites and then, whenever you want to make a payment, you can just pull up the Samsung Pay shortcut that shows up in the bottom of the home screen. First, you will have to choose the card that you want to use for this particular transaction. Then, you just need to authenticate the payment by using the method that you had chosen (Iris, Fingerprint, PIN), and continue by taking your phone closer to the POS machine where you want to make the payment.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Paying Samsung Pay

You can also select the screens where you want to show the favorite cards that you have added – Home screen, Lock screen, or Screen off. To access and use, you will have to just swipe up with your finger on the image at the bottom of your screen.

While you would have always loved the traditional way of paying through your card manually, Samsung Pay is something worth trying out.

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