What are Intelligent Assistant (Gestures) features on the Micromax Dual 5

    Micromax, taking the privacy as a larger concern, have launched their flagship Micromax Dual 5. As they say, this device is all about the security. But atop that, there are a lot of other features as well. Some of them are the gesture features that you can use to make the usage experience better. These are seen in some of the smartphones that offer custom ROMs and now, even the Micromax one has them.

    The Dual 5 also has the gesture features in the name of ‘Intelligent Assistant’. These gestures are almost as the same as in the other smartphones. We will be guiding you through the Intelligent Assistant (gestures) today.

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    Here’s how to enable the Gesture actions

    To enable the gestures that you want to, first, go to Settings > Intelligent Assistant > here, you have wake-up and action & screen gestures. Open wake-up gesture and turn it on. You then have some gestures that can be used on the lock screen. Such as Double-tap to wake up the screen, quickly slide up to unlock, quickly slide down to launch the camera, and much more.

    Now, going to the Action and screen, you have Glove mode which increases the touch sensitivity and can be used wearing a glove and Flip cover mode which can be used by a Flip cover. You also have Screen scaling which shrinks your display to use it one-handedly and Swipe down with three fingers to take a quick screenshot.

    These gestures can be turned off by doing the same (Settings > Intelligent Assistant). And no, this phone is not limited to these gesture features. There are a lot of other features which you can look into on this phone. And most of them are all about security and privacy as we already said. So, the Dual 5 is all about not compromising on Privacy and Security.

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    Sai Abhijat
    Sai Abhijat
    Sai Abhijat is a biking enthusiast, still a student who is a tech geek and a passionate writer.

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