Kindle Oasis is the new eBook reader, retailing from Rs. 23999

    Amazon’s new eBook reader Kindle Oasis is now official and is already retailing in India. Amazon has introduced their latest offering in the Kindle series in the form of an High-end e-reader called the Oasis. The Kindle Oasis is now smaller and thinner with a similar 6-inch high-resolution display having 300ppi with laser quality text, the display is similar to real paper without glare even in direct sunlight. It comes with 60% more LEDs compared to other Kindle devices. It is a front light display which guides the light towards the surface to decrease eyestrain for long periods of reading. The Kindle Oasis comes with a bump in the bottom of the device which needs a little getting used to.

    The e-ink display is said to be 200 microns which is thinner than a sheet of tin foil. The device comes with ergonomic design and physical buttons which helps to turn through pages effortlessly. It is said to have the longest battery life of Kindles and also includes a leather charging cover which will extend battery life for nearly two months without the need to charge the device.

    Kindle Oasis

    The device comes with 4GB storage which is capable of holding thousands of books. You can purchase 1.5 million titles at Rs. 299 or less and over 500,000 title at Rs. 99 or less. You can read from over 30,000 free books available for download.

    The Kindle Oasis is said to be 30% lighter on average and 20% lighter compared to other Kindles but it is not lighter on the price point carrying a price tag of $289.99 which is Rs. 23,999 for the Indian market and it is listed on Amazon India website already. The Kindle Oasis comes in two variants Wi-Fi only available on amazon from April 27th and Wi-Fi plus Free 3G variant which is priced at Rs, 27,999 and will be available on Amazon from May 11th 2016.

    Chetan Bhawani
    Chetan Bhawani
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