Polaroid Smartwatches

Polaroid line of smartwatches with Android & iOS compatibility launched at CES 2017

Polaroid, the brand famous for its cameras, has launched a lineup of smartwatches and fitness trackers. These products will be available from Spring 2017 in

Polaroid Snap Camera

Polaroid Snap is the new instant print camera with Zero-ink technology

Polaroid is a name one would recollect, when we talk of cameras that are capable of instantly printing pictures after capturing them, without having to

Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter

Polaroid Zip (Zink Instant Photoprinter) lets instantly edit and print full-color photos

Photo printing instantly after taking a picture is not something new, but Polaroid doing that is worth a notice. Polaroid has a ZIP Instant Photoprinter

Polaroid Cube+ Camera

Polaroid Cube+ Camera packs an 8MP sensor, Wi-Fi in a 35mm square body for $149.99

Polaroid has announced a new Cube+ camera at CE Week 2015, and this little camera is a successor to the original Polaroid cube that had