It might be the biggest rush that Jio is facing for recharges as it was the final day for people to subscribe to Jio Prime membership. That is a reason why the servers gave up most of the time and several, a lot of recharge attempts failed for the Jio users.

The thing is still going on, and still, users are reporting about the Jio recharge failures happening even when they are trying to subscribe to the Jio Prime plan. It is good that Reliance has extended the date for Jio Prime subscription to April 15th, so you now have time to still subscribe to the Prime plan that is said to keep offering some great benefits when compared to the regular users.

Many users are trying to get Jio Prime for free and that is through the JioMoney cashback coupons that are given upon recharging through the app, but let me tell that you that the app is very glitchy and is showing quite a lot of issues. It always did that, right from signing up but now with the payment gateways not able to cope up with the big number of requests, the app is showing more errors.

Now, after a few days of easy recharge that was possible through PayTM and Mobikwik, users are facing an error even with those platforms and the recharges are being kept on hold because these recharge sites are not able to contact Jio servers to render the recharge successful.

Jio Summer Surprise is something new from Jio and that is what will push more users to recharge their phone with two recharges, one with Rs. 99 and one with Rs. 303 or higher because that offer is going to give them three more months of free benefits. But, since the payments and Jio recharges are failing, it is better that you give it a day or two for the dust to settle and things to slow down before you can easily recharge your Jio number.

If you are trying to recharge your Jio number through one of the partners like PayTM or others, it might be having a “Waiting” status and that is when they are trying to do it with Jio servers. At least here, your money is safe because even if the recharge fails in the end, the money gets refunded to your wallet.

Another way to try the recharge done is by visiting one of the Jio stores where there are officials helping you with the recharges. The Reliance Digital store, Digital Xpress store and DX Mini store is where you can try getting your number recharged. Since you are seeing an extension to April 15th, there is still some good time so have some patience and then try from JioMoney itself where you are seeing some cashback offers available as well.