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Stuffcool launches first ever ‘Made in India’ WC310 wireless charger – Price and Details

Stuffcool has announced the first-ever Wireless Charger that is proudly ‘Made in India’, the Stuffcool WC310. The charger features a wireless charging pad-like design and is based on Qi wireless charging standards, making it compatible with every existing Android and iOS device that comes with wireless charging. The maximum output power rating of the Stuffcool WC310 is rated at 10W, enabling Wireless Fast Charging for all compatible devices.

Stuffcool WC310 – Price and Availability

The Stuffcool WC310 wireless charger is priced at Rs. 1,999/- and is exclusively available for purchase on Amazon in India. It comes in only a single color offering which is black. As an inaugural price, the Stuffcool WC310 will be selling at just Rs. 849/- for the first few days on Amazon, starting today.

Stuffcool WC310 Wireless Charger Specifications

The Stuffcool WC310 wireless charger has a maximum output rating of 10W for compatible devices. It can charge flagship devices from Samsung and LG at the full 10W power rating, ensuring fast wireless charging on those devices. The pad also supports 7.5W wireless charging for iPhones starting from iPhone 8 Series to the latest iPhone 12 Series. The WC310 uses Qi wireless charging standards, ensuring not just compatibility but also safety across all devices.

Also, the Stufffcool WC310 wireless charger is the first of its kind that is ‘Made in India’. This is just one of the products that Stuffcool manufactures in the nation, with the WC310 being a debut for wireless charger manufacturing in India.

The Stuffcool WC310 takes an input power of 5V/2A and 9V/2A using the micro-USB port on the charging pad. It also comes with a micro-USC cable in the package. The charging pad also features an LED ring around its edges which glows when your smartphone is in the charging state. The output of the charger ranges between 5W (min) – 10W (max), depending on the device.

The wireless charger can also charge devices directly through cases that have a thickness of around 6 millimeters. The pad itself has overall dimensions of 101mm x 101mm x 6.4mm. It also comes with multiple fused circuits to protect your device from temperature fluctuations, short circuits, power surges, and over-voltages.

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