OnePlus releases Reflexion, a photography app for iOS and Android

    OnePlus recently launched its new smartphone named the OnePlus X. The world was just enjoying that device and the company came up with a new photography app called Reflexion.

    Reflexion is a new photography application by OnePlus which takes two photographs and stitches them into a single photograph in form of an X, depicting the latest smartphone launched by the company. The app is not a OnePlus exclusive as it can be downloaded for all the Android and iOS smartphones from their respected app stores.

    Reflexion App

    Reflexion doesn’t offers anything else apart from stitching the photographs together. You also get the options to share the images with the app itself across various social media platforms. The initial reviews from users are more¬†about this being too simple and having no features, filters and modes to play around with. Though, the app is made to do something that doesn’t really involve all of these.

    Reflexion seems to be an interesting application, what do you think about it? Do let us know below! If you haven’t downloaded it yet, head to Google Play Store. The Reflexion app is available for iOS as well.

    Recently, Instagram from Facebook also launched a new app, named Boomerang, which is too limited and having one particular thing – making GIF animations of 1 second in length, and looping it thrice, sending the video across to Instagram to share.


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