GoPro Fusion 360-degree spherical camera can capture 5.2K-res videos

GoPro Fusion

GoPro has introduced Fusion 360-degree camera that company’s CEO Nick Woodman teased back at CES 2016. The GoPro Fusion can record 5.2K videos at 30 frames per second competing with the likes of new Samsung Gear 360 and the Nikon KeyMission 360. The sample video shared by the company shows the capabilities of GoPro Fusion.

No other specifications and pricing details were revealed as the Fusion 360-degree camera will see commercial release by the end of 2017 only. The Fusion 360-degree Spherical camera will be made available to brands, agencies, content professionals as part of a pilot program. Though this model of GoPro is frustrating, that’s just the way the company works. Professional content creators can apply to participate in the pilot program and get their hands on the Fusion 360-degree 5.2K Spherical camera before the official launch.

GoPro founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman said,

Fusion is just that, the ability to capture every angle simultaneously…as though you had six GoPro cameras fused into one. Whether filming for VR or traditional fixed-perspective content, Fusion represents the state-of-the-art in versatile spherical capture.

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